Ireland Regresses; Sunday, Bloody Sunday

May 27, 2018 by

by David Robertson:

There has been much rejoicing in Ireland over the result of a referendum. Large crowds gathered in Dublin city centre. A party was in full swing in Dublin Castle. Groups of cheering and clapping people were at the airport to cheer on those who had flown back especially to vote.


“Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was also greeted by cheers when he arrived as was Ailbhe Smyth from the Together for Yes campaign. Supporters ate After Eight chocolates and popped bottles of Champagne while waiting for the result to be announced. Some supporters dressed as angels, while hundreds wore jumpers and T-shirts with campaign slogan.”

“A ‘quiet revolution’   “I want to reassure you that Ireland today is the same as it was last week, but more tolerant, open and respectful.”  Irish Prime Minister – Leo Varadkar

Imagine you had been away for a few months and returned to this scene. You would ask – what is the cause of this celebration and rejoicing? Why are people so happy? Why are they popping the bottles of champagne and rejoicing? What has made Ireland a more tolerant, open and respectful country?   Have they just become independent? Has Ireland been reunited? Did they just become the richest nation on earth? None of the above. This is really hard to grasp and understand but the reason for this celebration is that the Irish people voted overwhelmingly 2:1 to permit abortion on demand for any reason up to 12 weeks, and for various other reasons afterwards.

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