Is Islamophobia Rampant in Scotland?

Jul 3, 2021 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

This weeks Christian Today article was written in response to a response I read from the Church of Scotland to the Scottish Parliament’s ‘Islamophobia’ report.  Having read the report I suspect that either the Church of Scotland spokesperson hadn’t read it, or that the C of S has a death wish.   Decide for yourselves…

It was a shocking incident. The man walked up to the couple in the café, slammed his fist hard on the table and shouted “I hate you xxxx religious people..the sooner this country is rid of you the better’! The couple had been talking quietly to each other about their faith. They had experienced more – there was the online abuse – everything from ‘expletive deleted’ abuse, to threats of violence and even death threats. All because of their faith. I have come across this kind of thing many times – which is why the recent report from the Scottish Parliament into Islamophobia ‘triggered’ me.

The report itself is disturbing, fascinating and predictable– as were the reactions to it. Politicians and faith leaders queued up to express their support for it. The Very Rev Dr Susan Brown, convenor of the Church of Scotland’s Faith and Impact Forum, stated, “Racism is a sin and the Church stands in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers.”

It’s always worthwhile reading such reports in full and asking questions of it – such as the methodology and purpose. If after all, it is as the Rev Brown said “crucial that the Church recognises these findings” and the “realities highlighted”, then we had better make sure that the findings are real.

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