Is it any wonder we’re so divided?

Aug 2, 2020 by

by Douglas Murray, UnHerd:

The relentless message of disunity promoted by BLM erodes any solidarity we gained under lockdown.

On Thursday an organisation called “Together” (which is apparently made up of founders from the NHS, a number of charities, companies and media groups) warned that the “feelings of solidarity and togetherness” which typified the early stages of the nationwide lockdown “are already beginning to fragment and fray”.

Even without the polling that the group commissioned I suspect that most people would agree that this sounds about right. Perhaps inevitably the Together group highlighted activities like the weekly lockdown “clap-for-carers” as an example of a newly revived community spirit in the UK which is now disappearing.

Of course you have to get these things in proportion — the British public could not stand on their doorsteps applauding the NHS forever. But amid the lament for the disappearance of a unified spirit it seems that few people are willing to consider the range of things that might be causing a return of societal divisions, in particular an unwillingness to recognise that much division in our time is not natural, but pushed and encouraged from on high. Consider just one prominent — if so far unremarked upon — example.

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