Is Joe Biden woke? Boris Johnson says there’s ‘nothing wrong’ if he is

Jan 21, 2021 by

by Sam Coates, Sky News:

Is Joe Biden woke? Needless to say there are many more weighty questions flowing from the inauguration of a new mainstream liberal internationalist US president.

But as is clear from the slew of easily-available punditry, it’s too early to answer almost any of them. So this is a good place to start as any.

I posed to Boris Johnson the question of Mr Biden‘s wokery on Wednesday afternoon as the inauguration was still going on, but only after he’d been snapped watching a bit of it on a telly in the Downing Street press office.

On one level this may seem a trivial issue to question a UK prime minister about alongside imminent floods, coronavirus death tolls and shared policy objectives with the new US administration.

But the question of culture warriors and weaponised social policy issues are an intractable feature of US and UK elections now and politics will always be about dividing lines.

The new president is often called “woke” by his enemies on the right and “insufficiently woke” by the US left and does not often appear to use the term approvingly.

Nevertheless, the new president had been given the label approvingly that morning in a considered, wide-ranging Guardian interview by no less than shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy, herself attempting to build bridges with the Biden administration.

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