Is the Church in the UK a sinking ship?

Jul 14, 2019 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

The Humanist official could hardly contain his glee – “Some genuine Good News today”, he declared on Facebook before linking to a headline – “Christianity Gives Way to Atheism in Britain Today, Survey Suggests”. A headline and press release that was repeated verbatim in most of the UK media this week.

The findings from the British Social Attitudes survey certainly make grim reading for the UK church. There has been a “dramatic decline” in Britain’s Christian identity over the last 35 years – with a “substantial increase” in atheism, a state-of-the-nation survey has suggested.

Thirty-eight per cent of those polled self–identify as Christian (down from 50% in 2008). Muslims are up from 3% to 6%. Fifty-two per cent of people say that they do not identify with any religion (although the headline is misleading in implying that they are therefore atheists). Only 11% of those who say they are Christian attend church at least once a week.

The report states: “Britain is becoming more secular, not because adults are losing their religion but because older people with an attachment to the Church of England and other Christian denominations are gradually being replaced in the population by unaffiliated younger people.”

How do we respond to this?

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