Is the World Ignoring a Christian Genocide in Nigeria?

Apr 24, 2020 by

by Lela Gilbert, Providence Magazine:

How much do Westerners know about Nigeria? Do we recognize it as Africa’s largest nation? Are we aware of its considerable economic importance? Are Western Christians alert to the dangers faced by our fellow believers in Nigeria?

Granted, it’s a little challenging to learn about Nigeria’s woes because we have to search for reports. Sadly, they only appear randomly on Christian websites. But it’s increasingly conspicuous that with every passing week, violence and terror in Nigeria intensify.

In fact, at this very moment—another genocide against Christians is silently unfolding there.

If you read the reports, you’ll often see photographs that accompany them. They might have been taken days ago, maybe last week or even last year, but the scene is eerily the same. A poor village with a few small buildings is surrounded by open fields. In the foreground is a pile of torched debris smolders. A dozen or so Africans stand staring at the indescribable remains, with one or two turning toward the camera, dazed expressions on their faces.

And the story is also nearly always the same: heavily armed jihadis suddenly appear in the dead of night. They attack house after house, breaking down doors, shouting Allahu akbar. They shoot the elderly and able-bodied men. They rape, mutilate, and murder women. They kidnap young boys and girls. They torch houses, schools, and churches.

Some villagers managed to flee into the bush and haven’t been seen since, so no one can say for sure who is still alive. Survivors’ faces reflect the agony of trying to remember just what happened, exactly when the screaming and shooting began, and how they managed to escape with their lives.

In short, there is a bloodbath in Nigeria. Those of us who track religious freedom violations and Christian persecution agree with those who increasingly speak of another genocide. Murderous incidents are acted out with accelerating frequency, perpetrated primarily by two terror groups—Boko Haram and Fulani jihadis. Tens of thousands of Nigerians have been slaughtered in the last decade. But their stories rarely appear in mainstream Western news reports.

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