Islam and the West Are Incompatible

Jun 5, 2018 by

by Spike Hampson, American Thinker:

We are living in a time when groups of Muslims are engaged in a war against Western civilization.  These groups are numerous and widespread, and although they constitute only a sliver of the larger Muslim population, they rely for their strength on a body of belief inspired by mainstream Islamic thought.

These Islamist groups have their differences, but they all agree about one particular tenet of the religion: sharia must achieve world domination.  Sharia is the immutable, divinely inspired legal code that the religion of Islam embraces.  Even many non-violent Muslims accept the idea that the global destiny for everybody – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – is to be governed according to the principles of sharia law.  Virtually all Muslims accept as inevitable that the laws of sharia will eventually achieve global dominance.  This is expected to occur under the guidance of a universally recognized caliph who will have absolute authority over its implementation.

Jihadist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and Boko Haram and the many, many others may have lesser agendas that diverge, but on this overarching matter, calling for the imposition of sharia law, they are in solidarity.  Just as most believing Christians accept that Christ is the savior and that the judgment day is coming, the bulk of all Muslims accept the premise that ultimately, sharia law will prevail globally under the guidance of the caliphate.

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