Islam, the left, anti-semitism

Jun 1, 2021 by

A selection of comment on overt anti-semitism visible in recent pro-Palestine demonstrations, and in wider society:

Why western mobs are now sticking it to the Jewsby Melanie Phillips

Jewish pupils face a climate of fearby Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman

Celebrities take actor’s union Equity to task for backing pro-Palestine demoby Jack Wright, Mailonline

How influencers have enabled anti-Semitismby Ayaan Hirsi Ali, UnHerd:

How Christianity has cancelled itselfby Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman

School under siege after head hits out at Palestinian flagby Lizzie Deane, Mailonline

Envy and ignorance – why the Left hate Israelby Andrew Devine, The Conservative Woman

When the police take the knee, the mob takes the streetsby Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

BBC bias over Israel – the report they still won’t let you readby Peter Baum, The Conservative Woman

The New Furies of the Oldest Hatredby Peter Savodnik from Common Sense with Bari Weiss

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