Isle of Man creates draconian no-go zones censoring pro-life free speech

May 23, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest:

Europe’s most draconian anti-free speech law censoring pro-life freedom of expression will come into effect Friday on the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man’s parliament, Tynwald, passed a statutory instrument on Thursday, creating a no-go zones within 100 metres of the boundary of the land around the island’s Noble’s Hospital.

The Access to Abortion Services (Noble’s Hospital Access Zone) Order 2019 is said to violate Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and has been described as “totalitarian” and “disproportionate” by a Manx legal expert.

In the case of Annen v. Germany the European Court of Human Rights ruled in November 2015 that an injunction on distributing pro-life pamphlets and a website naming doctors performing abortions violated the right to freedom of expression even though the pro-life leaflets compared abortion to the holocaust.

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