It is staggering that in Britain today, a judge cannot say children do best with a mother and father

Jun 25, 2019 by

from Christian Today:

We live in a weird world. Tuning in to Radio Wales the other day I found myself listening to a man talking about his hobby as a “bingo caller”. And to my utter amazement I heard him say that he’s not allowed to use the traditional nickname for “88” any longer because it would offend too many people.  If you don’t know what that nickname is, a quick Google will tell you all you need to know.

It got me wondering, though, whether he’ll soon be stopped from talking about “two little ducks” or “Buckle my shoe” as well.

But all this paled into insignificance when I read Richard Page’s story just a few hours later. Richard is, or rather was, the Christian magistrate who had the temerity to suggest that it was in the best interest of children to have both a father and a mother. He was removed from his post as magistrate by then Lord Chancellor Michael Gove and Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas, in 2015 after serving in the role for 15 years.

He also lost his position as a non-executive director of the Kent and Medway NHS Trust because he dared to repeat his views on Radio 4. And now, much to many a Christian’s dismay, he has lost his appeal at an employment tribunal as well.

It would seem that his problem is not so much what he believes, but the fact that he is willing to talk about it in the public square. This, it has been argued, is likely to have an adverse effect on the Trust’s ability to engage with sections of the community it serves, as well as prejudicing the judiciary’s impartiality.

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