Its a Mad, Mad, Mad,Mad, Mad World

Jun 7, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

There are a number of stories that have come up which show just how far down the rabbit hole to cultural madness we have gone.  I will leave the ones from Australia for another time – but here are a few from the rest of the English speaking West…..

  1. London Cyclists are too white, male and middle class.  According to The Independentcycle-commute-work“Too few women and people from ethnic minority groups cycle in London and more must be done to promote diversity among a largely white, male and middle class biking community, the city’s walking and cycling commissioner has said.Grand schemes, such as the Cycle Superhighway network of partially-segregated routes linking the suburbs with the centre, are too often perceived as simply a way of getting “middle-aged men cycling faster around the city”, Will Norman acknowledged. He said he was considering setting diversity targets for London’s cycling population to ensure progress was achieved.”No this is not a parody…this is reality in todays world….please stop and make it go away!

2/.  NHS Boss thinks its great that nearly 2 million people might want to change their gender – According to the Daily Telegraph  the medical director for specialist services in Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 07.23.41the NHS expects the demand for transgender operations to increase because the NHS are now providing the service.  He apparently thinks this is a good thing – “”It’s got to be a good thing is that there are people out there that want to explore their gender. The fact that it’s in the younger age group has got to be a good thing.”.  Just why it HAS to be a good thing – he doesn’t say.   On the other hand we do know that it is going to cost the NHS millions – catering to a psychological illness/political ideology which has no substantive basis in either medicine or science.  But hey – we all know the NHS has got money to burn and no patient will suffer because of this misuse of resources.

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