It’s ridiculous that so many politicians can’t answer the question ‘What is a woman?’

Mar 31, 2022 by

by Emily Carver, Conservative Home:

It came as a pleasant surprise last week to hear the Prime Minister acknowledge that the ‘basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important’ when it comes to distinguishing between a man and a woman.

Amid the political row over transgender rights, what should be an unremarkable statement instantly made headlines.

As the country faces the worst cost-of-living squeeze in recent history, and war in Europe rages, it is an utterly ludicrous state of affairs that our politicians are rendered tongue-tied when asked the simple question: what is a woman?

In a recent radio interview, even the Chancellor was made to look foolish when he refused to provide a definition for the word ‘woman’, instead referring to the Prime Minister’s recent comments in Parliament.

Failing to either repeat Boris Johnson’s words or give his own answer, Rishi Sunak’s equivocation came across to many observers as an attempt to dodge the question.

Of course, he is just the latest in a litany of high-profile politicians either outright to refuse to define what a woman is or to obfuscate for so long that he or she ends up failing to answer the question altogether.

Sir Keir Starmer refused to answer whether a woman can have male genitalia whilst Anneliese Dodds, shadow minister for women and equalities, failed to define a woman, instead suggesting that it depends on the ‘context’. And Yvette Cooper declined to go down that ‘rabbit hole’. Across the pond, the situation is even more dire.

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