I’ve campaigned for LGBT rights my whole life – but you shouldn’t force Christian bakers to make a gay marriage cake

May 2, 2018 by

by Peter Tatchell, The Sun:

WHO knew that something as innocuous as flour, eggs and sugar could ignite a landmark legal battle and start a debate which has split Twitter down the middle?

The most controversial cake in history has nothing to do with the Great British Bake Off: instead it’s the subject of a Supreme Court case centred on Ashers Bakery in Belfast.

Judges will rule on whether the Christian bakery acted lawfully when it refused to decorate a cake with the words “support gay marriage” at the request of equality campaigner Gareth Lee.

He was fighting to get gay marriage legalised in Northern Ireland, where same-sex weddings are still banned.

The Christian bakers admit that they would not have refused to decorate a cake with the words “support heterosexual marriage” – and have found themselves at the centre of a four-year legal battle as a result.

Already, the Appeal Court has ruled that Ashers was guilty of illegal sexual orientation discrimination. But in my view, the Appeal Court was wrong.

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