‘I’ve quit the Anglican Church because of its refusal to stand up to political correctness’

Dec 22, 2019 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Mail on Sunday:

The customs officials at Prague airport sensed I was hiding something but couldn’t find it.

So, backed by soldiers pointing machine guns at me, their chief decided to rough me up a bit.

They were right. I did have contraband on me – but probably not the sort they were expecting.

For as a young Anglican priest in the early 1980s, I was smuggling suitcases of Bibles and theology books behind the Iron Curtain, so priests could still be ordained by the underground Catholic church.

They needed these subversive materials because of a ban on ordinations in the state-controlled Catholic church, instituted by the Marxist Czechoslovak government.

Unsurprisingly, being beaten up at gunpoint is an experience that’s still vivid almost 40 years later. It is an experience that helped define me.

But what has this to do with my recent conversion to Catholicism? Everything. Because, sadly, I have come to the conclusion that in some important respects Britain is starting to resemble Soviet-era Eastern Europe.

Freedom of speech is slowly being eroded; those who refuse to be ‘politically correct’ risk accusations of thought crime and Christians are being unfairly persecuted.

And where is the Church of England in this crucial culture war? Is it on the front line? Not that I can see. If anything, it has switched sides.

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