J.K. Rowling ‘Controversy’ Shows Women Have Most To Lose With Gender Identity Ideology

Jan 10, 2020 by

By Kristen Waggoner, Daily Wire:

Just a few years ago, advocates of so-called “gender identity” insisted that all they wanted was space to “live and let live” — to “be themselves.” Unfortunately, that was not true — they wanted much, much more. In the case of British academic Maya Forstater, we recently got a glimpse of the ominous end game of gender identity ideology: Nothing less than the total and complete social alienation of anyone who asserts the biological reality that men cannot be women and women cannot be men.

[…] Shutting down honest conversations about sex and gender is an extremely detrimental form of “cancel culture.” Just a few years ago, the statements made by Forstater were not controversial among feminists. Lesbian groups frequently took a clear stand on this issue, advocating for a biologically based understanding of sex.

Now, however, gender identity ideology has such a chokehold on discourse that anyone who disagrees with it faces personal and professional ruin. In a grimly ironic and patronizing tone, gender identity ideologues have the gall to claim that they are committed to defending women’s rights even as they systematically target and destroy women’s careers.

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