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Nov 29, 2021 by

by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative:

What’s going on with the Anglican Church of Canada? Oh, this:

What else is going on in the Anglican Church of Canada? Catastrophic decline: according to the church’s own figures, it will cease to exist by 2040. 

As regular readers of my blog know, Christianity in the West is in trouble all over, but the liberal churches are declining the fastest. It is not generally the case that being theologically and morally conservative causes a church to grow, but it is true that standing counterculturally within Christian tradition at least stanches the bleeding. That’s why it is so important for Evangelicals to watch out for the wolves in sheep’s clothing among them, trying to smuggle in the poison pill of theological progressivism. My friend Denny Burk, who teaches at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, posed a question to Kristin Kobes Du Mez, the rock star Evangelical historian who teaches at Calvin University. Du Mez is the author of the bestseller Jesus And John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted A Faith And Fractured A Nation.She and Burk, who is a white conservative Evangelical, had been arguing.

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