Jesus’s flock believe in miracles

May 12, 2019 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman:

IN 1984 a network called Sea of Faith was launched in the Church of England. It started in response to a book and then a TV series by a Cambridge academic clergyman called Don Cupitt. The followers of Don Cupitt in the Sea of Faith network wanted to move Christianity away from its traditional belief in miraculous events, such as the Virgin Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and his bodily resurrection, and indeed the various miracles the New Testament records the Lord Jesus as having done in real history. They thought that if Christianity got rid of its miraculous elements it would become more popular with late 20th century people in the Western world.

I remember watching a TV programme about the Sea of Faith network in the mid-1980s around the time that I was beginning to think about a possible vocation to ordained ministry. One interview was with a lady who belonged to a Church of England parish church. Its vicar was a member of the Sea of Faith network and was pushing its anti-miraculous agenda. She described how one Sunday in her church the congregation got up as usual to say the Creed and she felt that she couldn’t go on belonging to a church where the essentials of the Christian faith, the Virgin Birth and the bodily resurrection of our Lord, were being trashed from the pulpit with impunity. She said something like: ‘When we were saying the Creed I felt I just couldn’t go on with this vicar denying the things it says about Jesus Christ, so I decided to leave and I’ve now joined a Baptist church where the Christian faith is being upheld and proclaimed.’

‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me’ – the words of our Lord Jesus (John 10v27 -NIV).

That woman was one of the Lord Jesus’s sheep, so by definition she listened to his voice and followed him. She didn’t just talk the talk: she did something. Her loyalty was to her Lord Jesus as the Bible describes him, so she expressed that loyalty with her feet. She chose to leave a church that was not listening to her Lord Jesus’s voice and went to one that was.

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