Jewish Board of Deputies: Now a useful idiot for Cultural Marxism

Apr 10, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Frontpage Magazine:

When Jeremy Corbyn insulted British Jews by accusing them of not wanting to study history and failing to understand English irony, I fired a torpedo at his tuchus for his stratospheric asininity. Jewish prophets laced their orations with irony and Jewish priests chronicled history in Solomon’s Temple when Comrade Corbyn’s ancestors were cavorting in cowhide and communicating in grunts and cave graffiti, I pointed out.

So when my literate and lettered cousins from the Board of Deputies of British Jews suddenly turned on Suella Braverman, MP for Fareham, and horsewhipped her in the Leftist media for using the term ‘Cultural Marxism’ in a speech to the Bruges Group, a pro-Brexit think tank, I smote my thigh and was confounded, in the manner of the prophet Jeremiah.

Mrs. Braverman, unlike most fake conservatives who populate the Tory party like maggots on Jezebel’s cadaver, is a kosher conservative. “As Conservatives, we are engaged in a battle against cultural Marxism…. I’m very worried about this ongoing creep of cultural Marxism which has come from Jeremy Corbyn,” she said in her address last Tuesday.

Within hours, the Board of Deputies was hopping mad like grasshoppers and calling down locusts from the Guardian and Independent and it was all getting a bit like the prophet Nahum’s visions of wrath against Nineveh. Mrs. Braverman was smeared with the sticky tar of ‘guilt by association’ because she had used a ‘far-right conspiracy’ term from the black bowels of ‘murky internet forums.’

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