JK Rowling’s brave trans stand has been vindicated

Oct 13, 2022 by

by Madeline Grant, Telegraph:

Every day brings new reasons to thank the Harry Potter writer for fighting extreme gender ideology.

The transgender children’s charity Mermaids hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory recently. In fact, recent weeks may rank as the worst time for sea maidens since the mermaid-impersonating cleric Parson Hawker was shot at on suspicion of being a French spy while he sat singing on a rock in Bude harbour during the 19th century.

Last week, Jacob Breslaw resigned as a trustee after a newspaper exposed his links with a pro-paedophile organisation. Yesterday it emerged that Darren Mew, Mermaids’ digital engagement officer, had dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl and posted pictures of his genitals on social media. The Charity Commission is investigating Mermaids after a Telegraph investigation found it was handing out breast-binders to girls as young as 13, sometimes behind their parents’ backs.

Any organisation working with vulnerable youngsters – particularly one in a position to recommend them to receive irreversible medical treatments – ought to be utterly diligent in its vetting, but it seems Mermaids has scarcely covered the basics. Or perhaps it just doesn’t care. Certainly, recruiting a paedophilia apologist to a children’s charity requires mystifying incompetence at the very least.

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