Jordan Peterson, European leaders and a beacon of hope for family life

Sep 19, 2023 by

by Amy Balog, TCW:

IN 1951, the US Catholic Archbishop Fulton J Sheen foresaw the crisis about to befall the Western world. In his book Three to Get Married he wrote: ‘The State which respects the family unity as the basis of civilisation is much more unified than a civilisation which ignores it. A divorce-ridden civilisation is already in cause, a disrupted civilisation. It may take a few decades for the cracks in the family to become earthquakes in the political order, but one must not conclude, because its tombstone is not yet erected, that the civilisation is not already dead.’

Western civilisation might not be quite dead yet, but ‘cracks in the family’ and the ‘earthquakes in the political order’ are undeniably present. The birth rate in England and Wales has fallen to its lowest in two decades. In the rest of Europe, too, birth rates have declined dramatically over this period. In 2021, 4.09million babies were born in the EU, the second-lowest figure since 1960. The lowest was in 2020, with only 4.07million births.

Yet Europe’s political leaders, many childless themselves, remain blithely indifferent.

The prevailing assumption is that too many children are born, which might be the case  in a minority of countries, but certainly is not globally, and most definitely not in Europe. Climate activists do their best to convince people that there are too many of us, and ‘experts’ welcome declining fertility rates. 

But not all have fallen for this progressive narrative. The leaders of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia have spoken up and refuse to accept that immigration is the solution to declining birth rates. 

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