Jordan Peterson, not modern feminists, speaks for me

Nov 12, 2018 by

by Chloe Westley, Conservative Home:

… But whilst the media obsess over Peterson’s views on women and gender, they are actually the least interesting thing about him. His academic contributions are really about how human beings can live in the world with dignity, and without destroying each other.  He explores the history of human societies and theology in order to identify what it might mean to be human, and the best way to preserve human life and prosperity.

At nearly every opportunity, he argues passionately against the doctrines of Postmodernism and Marxism  – and almost any ideology which seeks to destroy and rebuild society in its own image. Marxists aspire towards an ‘ideal’ order of human life, in which unjust hierarchies are torn down and replaced with a utopia of fairness and equality. The only problem is that in order to overthrow the system you have to kill a lot of people. And in the end, you’re left with another hierarchy – one that is based on loyalty to the regime.

Peterson rejects collectivist doctrines, and instead emphasises the importance of the individual. This is why, I believe, so many people say they have been inspired by his work. Instead of seeing people as victims, he praises our potential for greatness and compassion.

But individualism isn’t just about the actualisation of the individual. It’s our defence against evil. Authoritarian regimes have relied on the abdication of individual responsibility in order to rise to power. Things go wrong when enough people absolve themselves of being informed citizens who are awake and capable of stating the truth.

And in order to have informed citizens who are capable of stating the truth, you must protect free speech.

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