Jordan Peterson turning young, Western men into Christians Again

Oct 11, 2017 by

by Austin Frank, Today in Politics:

For the past year, lectures by the University of Toronto professor and psychiatrist have gone viral on YouTube and made Jordan Peterson a folk hero among young men on the right across the Western world.

Peterson has won over so many devoted fans not because of his eloquent and persuasive arguments against postmodernism and political correctness — there are lots of pundits and personalities on YouTube that eviscerate and expose these twin insidious systems.

What makes Peterson so uniquely special and what so endears him to his fans is that he is more concerned with turning boys into successful, highly functional men than he is in scoring political points or going viral. He’s a psychiatrist by trade and so many of his YouTube videos are of him giving life advice to young men on how to “sort themselves out” and find meaning. He’s a sort of father-figure for hundreds of thousands in this regard. All you need to do is read the comments on his videos: he has made a profound impact on the lives of so many young men. […]

These are just a few of the several thousand comments on the initial video of Peterson’s Biblical Series, entitled “Introduction to the Idea of God.”

Peterson understands that for young Western men, our world can be quite overwhelming and complex. With traditional gender roles under a sustained assault from the cultural left, with families eroding at an alarming pace since the 1960s, and with masculinity itself coming under vicious attack, modern life can be difficult to come to grips with and understand. But Peterson’s understanding of psychology and his way of explaining to us how our brains work and why we behave and feel the way we do is at once a source of enlightenment and comfort. Someone truly understands what we’re going through and seems to have all the answers we seek.

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