Judge for yourself – who’s talking sense about trans?

Jan 6, 2020 by

by Gary Oliver, The Conservative Woman:

THE American conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is known for his catchphrase ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings’. Unfortunately, in the upside-down world of UK employment tribunals, biological facts are trumped by the sensitivities and delusions of radical trans activists – certainly when the ruling comes from employment judge James Tayler.

Judge Tayler last month found against Maya Forstater, a business consultant who claimed that her work in London for an international research organisation, the Center for Global Development, ‘came to an end . . . because she expressed “gender critical” opinions; in outline, that sex is immutable’. That summation of Forstater’s argument comes from Section 3 of Tayler’s written judgment, the full text of which can be read here. 

[…]  ‘Intolerant of dissent’ understates the tyranny of trans extremists and their state enforcers, whose agenda Laura rightly identifies as ‘power, plain and simple’. Coincidentally, around the time of the judgment against Maya Forstater, Triggernometry released an interview with trans woman Rose of Dawn, whose YouTube channel regularly documents Trans-Stupidity, and who is refreshingly critical of the more maniacal activists. During the first few minutes of discussion, RoD categorically states: ‘A trans woman, by definition, can’t be a biological female.’

Read and watch video here

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