Jury riveted by testimony on abortion industry horrors in Planned Parenthood body parts civil trial

Oct 15, 2019 by

by Lianne Laurence, LifeSite:

Testimony from a longtime pro-life advocate about the grisly reality of the  abortion industry riveted jurors in the Planned Parenthood baby body parts RICO trial now taking place in San Francisco.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America brought the suit after the Center for Medical Progress released undercover videos in 2015 exposing the abortion giant’s trafficking in aborted baby body parts.

PPFA and 10 affiliates are now accusing five individuals connected with CMP of committing wiretapping, conspiracy, trespassing, breach of contract, and violating the Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) for going undercover at Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation meetings, and are seeking damages in millions of dollars.

Albin Rhomberg is named in the suit as one of the CMP three founding board members.

Rhomberg testified last week that CMP project lead David Daleiden asked him to join the board in 2013, when CMP was formed as the organizational structure to support Daleiden’s proposed undercover operation. Daleiden’s first project proposal listed Rhomberg as part of “the team”: “Albin is a veteran of the pro-life movement in California and is an expert at acquiring hidden and hard-to-access documentation about the abortion industry.”

In describing his past pro-life involvement, Rhomberg testified about the bodies of 16,000 aborted babies discovered in 1982 in a repossessed shipping container in Woodland Hills, California. Each baby was in a separate container, marked with the name of his or her mother. Rhomberg said he advocated at the time for autopsies of the oldest babies, some of whom were seven or eight months gestation, to see if they had been born alive before they were killed. The autopsy examined the lung tissue to see if the babies had ever breathed air.

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