Justin Welby: Boy wearing a dress to school ‘not a problem’

Sep 21, 2017 by

by Olivia Rudgard, Telegraph:

A boy wearing a dress to school is “not a problem”, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Speaking on LBC radio the most senior cleric in the Church of England said he would tell a concerned parishioner that they should help their child “understand”.

He said: “I would say to them, I don’t think that’s a problem.

“The other family are making up their own minds. The other child is making up their own mind.

“Talk to your child. Help them to understand. Help them to see what’s going on and to be faithful to their own convictions.”

The Archbishop also said that he had been “struggling” with the question, and said added: “I make a point of not commenting on particular cases because you just never know the whole story”.

Pushed by LBC presenter Nick Ferrari he said: “I would say – for us – our kids went through all our schooling in the local state schools.

“There were bit we liked, and bits we didn’t like, and it’s the home where you educate and train people in following faith.

“I would say where something like that happens I never see the point in going to law. I think we should try and solve these things without legal involvement, with people getting together around a table, with a mediator, to help them come to a conclusion.”

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