Kavanaugh hearings and the search for truth

Sep 29, 2018 by

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Truth and Integrity Are Under Assault by Stephen M Krason, Crisis Magazine

Shapiro On Fox News: Here’s How The Democrats Will Handle The Kavanaugh FBI Investigation by James Barrett, Daily Wire

The Kavanaugh show trial is an attack on men – and women by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman

Christine Blasey Ford is a victim of the toxic brew of psycho-feminism by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

Lefties want to turn jury rape trials into a #MeToo Salem Witch-hunt by Andrew Tettenborn, Rebel Priest

It’s one rule for Clinton, and another for Trump’s judge by Peter Hitchens, Mailonline

The Smearing Of Brett Kavanaugh Is Truly Evil by Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

America’s Disgrace by David Robertson, theweeflea

The war on Kavanaugh is all about the pro-abortion Left’s lust for power by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite

Kavanaugh hearings and the search for truth by Joseph Backholm, LifeSit

The Senate’s Fight for Justice by Tony Perkins, FRC

The Real Reason Why Democrats Want An FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire

Kavanaugh v Ford: The wretched unfairness of it all by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman

Kavanaugh confirmation: somebody was lying about the fear of flying – and that lie could change legal history by Martin Sewell, Archbishop Cranmer

The Message Shouting to Us From the Kavanaugh Hearings by Michael Brown, Christian Post

America’s Revolutionary Moment by Melanie Phillips

Kavanaugh at the Tip of the Smear by Tony Perkins, FRC

#MeToo liars were smearing men like Judge Kavanaugh 3,000 years ago by Jules Gomes






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