Kenyans won’t just take the money

Feb 6, 2020 by

by Dr Lisa Nolland, Heart Publications:

Horrified by the needs but encouraged by changed lives, Lisa Nolland reports on how Kenyans are resisting the pressure to adopt the West’s LGBT agenda.

Kenya is publicly standing against the West’s financial pressure and propaganda, by refusing to adopt its agenda of sexual minority/‘reproductive rights’, but this stand has a cost.

Organisations such as the Clinton Foundation use their funds to further LGBT rights through financial sponsorships.

As many daily struggle for basics like food, clean water and shelter, refusing such offers is incredibly hard. Another aspect here is the lucrative nature of transactional gay sex: prostitutes can earn 5,000 Kenyan Shillings (around £38) per act. Given such temptation, it is a miracle any manage to get out.

Thankfully, other aid is being found but daunting challenges remain.

The three key African states targeted by big western players are South Africa (which has gone under), Nigeria (still holding its own), and Kenya. Activists realise Kenya’s strategic importance for the continent and continue to target it.

Still Christian-ish

I spent a week there at the end of 2019 and was horrified by the needs, but encouraged by the positives.

In the main, churches are thriving, though not without their issues. I attended a Roman Catholic mass (with several hundred others) and heard a biblically based, applied sermon. I noted many wearing T shirts with the emblem, ‘Come Oh Holy Spirit’.

Listening to Michael W Smith on the Kenyan equivalent of BBC One/Two was a highlight, as was browsing Christian books in the airport shop and watching Christian entertainers on television.

For the most part, Kenyans still understand and support heteronormativity and are pro-life, keeping their babies despite the daily struggle to survive. The various professionals I spoke with were appalled by the LGBT ‘education’ now being foisted on UK youngsters. They could not believe it.

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