Kigali: In the unity of the Faith – a summary of Day 3

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from AAC:

Archbishop James Wong, Archbishop and Primate of the Indian Ocean, led the morning study in Colossians 1 with the Rev. Paul Donison reciting the passage for the day from memory. The Archbishop taught on true Communion in Christ and how we must walk together in the unity of the True Faith. He said all of us on the orthodox side must remain together in order to stand against the evil one and the false teaching that comes from him through leaders in the Church. We must know who we are in Christ, give generously, love freely, and believe that we can do what God calls us to because of Christ who is with us.

Peter Jensen, former General Secretary of GAFCON, called the attendees to a moment of confession and repentance in light of the Word of God. If we are going to call revisionists in the Church to repentance, he said, then we also need to repent of the sins in our own lives.

The main plenary featured the Rev. Rico Tice and Richard Borgoman who prioritized evangelism and the importance of God’s Word in the life of the Church as our confidence. They emphasized letting the Gospel preach the Gospel and shared tools they provided for the Church in England, Christianity Explored and The Word One to One. Both men were present at a later press conference where they spoke again regarding these programs and their vision for the Church and the Word. Their full press statements can be read here which expands on their general call for evangelism and the study of the Word.

After lunch, attendees broke out into seminars that reflected different ministries around the Anglican Communion. Today’s seminars included:

  • Equipping God’s Church with Rico Tice and Richard Borgonon
  • Correctly Handling the Word of God with the Rev. Nick Tucker
  • These Words are Trustworthy and True with The Rev Cn. Mark Thompson and Ms. Jane Tooher
  • Entrusting These Things to Those Who Will Teach with the Rev. Cn. Dr. Willis Salier and Dr. Caroline Grace Seed
  • Shepherds of God’s Flock with the Rt. Rev. Steven Breedlove
  • Glorify God in your Body with the Rev. Sam Allberry

In the afternoon, the first official draft of the GAFCON statement was read to the GAFCON delegates. It was sweeping in its scope, touching on the nature and purpose of GAFCON and the values we share in our biblically based fellowship. It also noted the crisis in the Anglican Communion and how to move forward into a better future. Those in attendance were asked not to share the content of the draft, but it was a positive step forward. The final draft will be released on Friday. Tonight, the GAFCON primates will gather again to review feedback from regional gatherings where delegates discussed proposed changes.

The final session of the day was again focused on God’s work in the world, this time in Africa. Bishop Francis Karemera of Rwanda led prayer and asked people to reflect on the state of African churches as a catalyst for prayer. Various leaders from Southern African nations spoke on the work happening in and through their congregations. Along with Bishop Francis, we are encouraged to pray that God would raise more and more leaders in places like East Africa who have a passion for the Gospel, standing firm, and proclaiming Christ.

(Received by email from AAC)

See also: Special Edition: Gafcon Kigali 2023.  Canon Mark speaks with the Very Rev. Andrew Rowell, Trustee of the American Anglican Council, from Gafcon Kigali in Rwanda. They talk about what they’ve been seeing on the ground, the first couple days of the conference, and their hope for the future of Gafcon and the Global Anglican Communion.  Listen here


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