Kruger: we should not throw away the inheritance of our Christian culture

Feb 9, 2020 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

In his maiden speech on 29th January, a Conservative MP said something which even the Bishops in the House of Lords aren’t saying. Danny Kruger, the Member for Devizes, made not only an unapologetic appeal to national identity, but also to the Christian foundations of that identity:

I finish on a more abstract issue, but it is one that we will find ourselves debating in many different forms in this Parliament. It is the issue of identity, of who we are both as individuals and in relation to each other. We traditionally had a sense of this: we are children of God, fallen but redeemed. Capable of great wrong but capable of great virtue. Even for those who did not believe in God, there was a sense that our country is rooted in Christianity and that our liberties derive from the Christian idea of absolute human dignity.

This is the liberty of order and virtue, and it is the duty of government – and especially of a Conservative government – to maintain it in substance and preserve it in our national institutions. It is a theological liberty, mindful that as man acts from bad motives, base passions and selfish prejudices, it is God who exposes evil in our hearts and in high places; it is Christianity which enlightens, and it is Jesus who redeems, restores dignity and liberates.

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