Labour Confirms Self-Identifying Trans Women Eligible For All-Women Shortlists And Women’s Officer Roles

May 23, 2018 by

by Paul Waugh, Huffington Post:

Activist David Lewis suspended for claiming he’s a woman ‘on Wednesdays’.

‘Self-identifying’ trans women are eligible for Labour’s all-women shortlists and other roles, the party’s ruling body has confirmed.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) decided on Tuesday to approve a new statement making explicit that the party would continue to uphold transgender rights in its organisational structures and selections.

The decision, passed without opposition, guarantees trans women equal access to all-women Parliamentary shortlists, women’s officer posts and minimum quotas for women.

Crucially, the policy – a copy of which was passed to HuffPost UK – confirms that the political rights are open to people who were born as men and who now identify as women, without the need for medical certification that they have changed their gender.

The move follows months of controversy and will come as a blow to feminists who profoundly disagree with the concept of self-identification.

In a further sign of its determination to prevent the policy from being abused, Labour moved swiftly on Tuesday night to suspend a male activist who tried to become a women’s officer candidate for his local party.

David Lewis was suspended pending an investigation into his bid to ‘self-identify’ as a woman ‘on Wednesdays’, a source told HuffPost.

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