Lack of Evidence for Assisted Suicide Bill

Oct 26, 2021 by

From The Times:

Sir, As palliative medicine doctors and academics with decades of experience caring for terminally ill people, we are concerned at the paucity of evidence supporting the Meacher bill to legalise assisted suicide. There is a lack of evidence that the suggested safeguards are either effective or verifiable…

Mental capacity….. is affected by illness, depression and medication in complex ways not yet fully understood. Evidence from Oregon shows how assessment of capacity for assisted suicide is influenced by the individual values of assessing clinicians…..

Patients seeking assisted suicide often have significant psychosocial distress, making them at increased risk of coercion and abuse…

Dr Carol Davis, Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Clinical End of Life Care Lead, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust; [and 15 other senior Professors and clinicians].

Read full letter here:

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