Lambeth 2020 Descends into Confusion

Feb 20, 2019 by

from GAFCON:

When the boundary markers of biblical and apostolic faith are set aside, confusion enters the Church.

The Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council has recently issued a statement about Lambeth 2020 to address what is described  as:

‘a misunderstanding that has emerged in some online blogs’ and announces that that ‘it would be inappropriate for same-sex spouses to be invited to the conference.’

However, to suggest there has been a ‘misunderstanding’ looks like an attempt  to deflect attention from the facts.  The Archbishop of Canterbury has changed the long-established convention that spouses are invited to Lambeth Conferences and contradicted the blanket statement he made in a recent video when he affirmed “of course, bishops’ spouses will be invited as well as bishops.” 

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