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News and comment on the first Lambeth Conference since 2008. Selection of articles, most recent at the top:

Lambeth 2022: the Elevation of Experience from English Churchman, Anglican Ink

Lambeth 22: the news you may not have seen or heard, by Chris Sugden, Evangelicals Now:
More views from the perspective of the Global South

What the Anglican Communion can learn from the Commonwealth Games, by Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden, Church of England Newspaper:
The Commonwealth Games demonstrated what commitment to a common standard and rules and a common mission to excel and transform their sport through performance can achieve. This was glaringly lacking at the Lambeth Conference.

Gafcon Chairman’s August Letter, from Archbishop Foley Beach:
Retired Archbishop Mouneer Anis eloquently named the problem, “The Anglican Communion cannot deal with the brokenness of the world if she herself is broken.” Sadly, rather than being a source of healing and unity, the Lambeth Conference…was filled with confusion, and what that means for global Anglicanism has just begun to be felt.

Why nothing has changed as a result of Lambeth 2022, by Martin Davie:
The result of the Conference has been to leave unchanged the position of the Communion with regard to human sexuality and that this fact needs to be taken into account in the forthcoming discussions about human sexuality that will take place in the Church of England in the aftermath of the Living in Love and Faith process.

Letter from Sam Margrave (General Synod member) to Justin Welby, from English Churchman:
“…You’ve sent a message to the world that there is not one truth as found in the scripture, that Christian marriage is not always defined as between one man and one woman, that sex outside of marriage is permissible or that blessing sin is acceptable.”

Lambeth Conference has ‘compounded the problems’ in the Anglican Communion, Christian Today.  Gafcon leader, Foley Beach, has expressed disappointment with the Lambeth Conference for treating liberal and traditional interpretations of Scripture as “equally valid”.

Church gay marriage lobby gets a cuddle from Welby by Julian Mann, TCW

A Cure for the Lambeth Hangover? from Anglican Futures

Lambeth 2022 and a hurtful snub by Susie Leafe, Christian Today

LAMBETH: Discipleship a la carte by David Virtue, VOL

Lambeth 2022 Diary: Clarity out of Confusion by Phil Ashey, AAC

Bishops who boycotted Lambeth Conference over same-sex marriage stance invited to reaffirm Lambeth 1.10 by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Lambeth 2022: the end of the Anglican Communion? by David Baker, CT

Watch: The Closing Service on You Tube

Authentic and orthodox discipleship, from AAC.  Orthodox Anglicans may be left wondering what, exactly, is meant by “discipleship” when it’s spoken by leaders who promote pluriform truth and accept sexual immorality as a new norm that can be affirmed.
Global South Primates reset the Anglican Communion. Phil Ashey summarises the ‘Communique of orthodox bishops’, and asks: “how can these two bodies [Global South and Gafcon] collaborate more intensively in healing the wounds to the Anglican Communion?”

Lambeth 2022: Global South leaders talk of impaired communion. By Francis Martin, Church Times [£]

‘We cannot accept a plurality of views’: Conservative bishops call for re-setting of Anglican Communion by Tola Mbakwe, Premier

‘We do not hate as our enemies want us to’: Justin Welby plays down Anglican conflicts by Marcus Jones, Premier

The End of (the) Communion? (ii): So where are we now? by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo

Orthodox Global South bishops will stay in the Communion and hold the line by David Virtue, VOL

Sandi Toksvig and her caricature Church of England by Archbishop Cranmer

Episcopal bishops fuel push to sign LGBT+ affirmation statement at Lambeth by Mary-Ann Mueller, VOL

Is Lambeth 2022 the beginning of a post-Canterbury future? by Chris Sugden, CEN

Possible outcomes after Lambeth 2022 – how should we pray? by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream: A brief summary of the conference so far, then some options for what could come next: Conservative or revisionist ‘victory’, “good disagreement” with continued conflict, negotiated separation, realignment not approved by Canterbury?

The Jerusalem Declaration: a summary of authentic Anglicanism, Part 2: What Anglicans believe about the Bible, by Gafcon Great Britain and Europe:
Psalm 119 shows an orthodox understanding of Scripture.  In recent years many Anglican theologians and leaders in the West have cast doubt on this, but Gafcon seeks to restore the bible to the heart of the Anglican Communion.

Welby offers dual approach to human sexuality by David Virtue, VOL

What then has happened to Lambeth Resolution I.10 (1998) at LC2022? by Phil Ashey, AAC: “[Justin Welby’s] approach is to let the official teaching of the Anglican Communion as it is stated in Lambeth Resolution 1.10 to stand but allow contrary practice on the ground by not exercising any discipline (including within his own Church of England).”

Lambeth 2022 Diary: Bad News and Good News by Phil Ashey, AAC:

Justin Welby: I won’t punish churches that conduct gay marriages by Daniel Capurro, Telegraph (£)

‘We are deeply divided. That will not end soon,’ says Welby, Christian Today

Will a lunchtime of letters at Lambeth save the Anglican Communion? by Susie Leafe, Christian Today

GSFA Bishop and Canterbury both release statements on Lambeth 1.10 by Phil Ashey, Anglican Ink

As bishops meet, Anglican future is already written by Jeff Walton, The Gospel Coalition

Welby recognises conservative view of marriage ‘represents majority’ but calls on bishops to remain committed to ‘listening and walking together’ by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Lambeth Conference ‘will not split’ over homosexuality by Pat Ashworth and Paul Handley, Church Times. (£) “…the Conference organisers are aware [of] the need for bishops in the Global South to be able to go back to their countries with something to show their people and governments that they belong to a global Church that still believes marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Bishops express support for ‘Anglican Congress’ meeting in the Global South

Lambeth roundup: Autonomy trumps all by Phil Ashey, Anglican Ink

Timeline: Lambeth Conference and the same-sex story by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre

Lambeth Conference 2022 looked outward, sideways and upward, but the world only saw inward by Archbishop Cranmer

Paying attention to power in Lambeth ‘Calls’ by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo

The six openly partnered/married gay/lesbian bishops attending Lambeth 2022, Anglican Ink

The FAQs: Anglican Conference in Conflict over Same-Sex Marriage by Joe Carter, TGC

Does a bit of quiet chuntering count? from Anglican Futures: The abandonment of electronic voting on the “Calls” has led to a new system with potentially bizarre consequences.

Archbishop of York appeals for unity despite deep divisions by Julian Mann, Christian Today. In his address at the Mission and Evangelism Plenary on Saturday, Archbishop Cottrell bishops that “the world needs hope…peace can be found even with disagreement…our baptism… binds us together”.

Lost in translation: How the Sudanese bishops nearly didn’t make it to the Lambeth Conference by David Virtue, VOL.  Sudanese bishops forced to sign Document ‘respecting’ multiple sexualities in Britain

Electronic voting to be replaced by voice votes for the remainder of Lambeth 2022, Anglican Ink

Vote to reaffirm Lambeth 1.10 back on track — GSFA bishops to bring a resolution to the Lambeth Conference on Monday by George Conger, Anglian Ink

Interview with Archbishop Badi: ‘We cannot break bread with bishops who betray the Bible’,
By Pat Ashworth, Church Times: “… the authority of the Bible is what we are trying to correct.”

Why the Global South bishops are not ‘weaponising the Eucharist’, by Martin Davie:
The decision not to receive Holy Communion alongside leaders living in unrepentant sin and with heretical views is entirely justified.

Pride-filled gay bishops fail to understand true love in Canterbury, by Mary Ann Mueller, VOL

Orthodox bishops refuse to take Holy Communion at Lambeth Conference services attended by gay clergy and partners by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Watch: Lambeth Breakup – Kevin Kallsen and George Conger, Anglican Unscripted

Two faces, two Communions, by Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council

Global South bishops say, ‘We most certainly cannot walk together’, by Susie Leafe, Christian Today:
Most Rev James Wong, Archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean, challenged the viability of Justin Welby’s vision of Anglicanism as catalyst for social action, saying, “We cannot mend a broken world when the Anglican Church is so broken and fractured.

Canterbury: Lambeth Primates argue over what it means to be Christian family, by David Virtue, VirtueOnline: ABC Justin Welby says family is messy, broken and confused; Sudanese APB Justin Badi says family defined by Jesus are those who will do the will of His Father. Global South Bishops withholding holy communion is evidence of broken communion, says Badi.

Statement: Global South Bishops to Meet Archbishop of Canterbury to Discuss Presenting GSFA Resolution on ‘Lambeth 1.10’ at the Anglican Communion Plenary (AUG 1). From GSFA resource website.

Orthodox bishops to offer their own ‘Lambeth Resolution’ reaffirming Lambeth I:10, and will not receive Holy Communion alongside gay-partnered bishops: Press Release issued by the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches

Lambeth XV: Exposing the Darkness Within, By Rollin Grams, Bible and Mission:
“Lambeth XV is exposing the rot and will greatly help bring the necessary split in the Church that has already taken place in most mainline denominations and is underway among the Methodists right now.”

Lambeth ‘Calls’, Lambeth I.10, and the nature of the Anglican Communion (2): the future by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo

‘It may be time to pull the plug’ on the Lambeth Conference by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre

‘A wave of love’: Episcopal bishops join march in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion in Canterbury from ENS

A heartfelt plea to Orthodox Bishops gathered at Lambeth 22 by Cornelius Harding

Why is the Church obsessed with gay sex? Giles Fraser in UnHerd argues for a commonly held liberal view that the Anglican Communion should allow each region to make to its own doctrines: a much looser federation of churches where theological difference is not able to derail a sense of common endeavour.

Lambeth ‘Calls’, Lambeth I.10, and the nature of the Anglican Communion by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo

Lambeth Design Group revises marriage definition and removes Resolution I:10 by David Virtue, VOL

What now for orthodox Anglican bishops at the Lambeth Conference? by Julian Mann, Christian Today

Text of Lambeth Calls to be discussed by Bishops at Lambeth Conference published from ACNS

Motion of no confidence threat for Justin Welby over the Lambeth Calls surrender by Sam Margrave, Anglican Ink

A Special Report: Lambeth Calls in the Midst of Divisions by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

Living in Love and Faith Next Steps Group statement on the Lambeth Calls, Anglican Ink

Modern Church responds to the Lambeth calls controversy, Anglican Ink

Lambeth 2022: a call to reaffirm traditional marriage and sexuality is proving to be the cat among the pigeons by Julian Mann, Christian Today

Following outrage, bishops given new option to reject homosexuality vote at Lambeth Conference by Tola Mbakwe, Premier

Episcopal bishops reject conservative Anglicans’ same-sex marriage ultimatum; ‘huge distraction’ for Lambeth by David Paulsen, ENS

Will Lambeth 15 be Welby’s Waterloo? by David Virtue, VOL

Social media to keep orthodox Anglicans updated with the Lambeth Conference: Press Release from GSFA and EFAC. Details of a website for press releases and statements as the conference proceeds, and links with supporting orthodox Anglicans from all over the world via Facebook and Twitter.

Fury at inclusion of same sex marriage ban on Lambeth conference agenda by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre. Lists a number of responses from progressives to the inclusion of Lambeth I:10 in the “Calls” conference discussion document.

Potential vote on homosexuality at Lambeth Conference sparks criticism by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Lambeth Calls: Can a Church truly deal with the brokenness of the world if she herself is broken? Round-up of commentary from conservatives and progressives from Barbara Gauthier

Scottish bishops will not support Lambeth call on Human Dignity if it includes references to Lambeth 98 resolution 1.10, Anglican Ink

Barring spouses of gay clergy from key Anglican summit causes ‘pain’ by Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph (£)

Will Lambeth 15 be Welby’s Waterloo? By David Virtue, VOL

Lambeth Conference study guide sends conflicting message over Resolution I:10 by David Virtue, VOL

A Review of the Lambeth Calls Guidance and Study Document by Martin Davie

A message from the Archbishop of Canterbury to bishops attending the Lambeth Conference from ACNS

Lambeth 2022: who stays home, who is going; why “calls” instead of resolutions; what can we expect? by Barbara Gauthier

Debates outlined for Lambeth conference of global Anglican bishops, from Religion Media Centre:
The Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops has produced a booklet outlining a series of “calls”, outlining current church teaching, and suggesting next steps in calls to action.

Lambeth I.10 set to become a sticky wicket at Lambeth 2022, by Mary Ann Mueller, VOL:
Progressives are already casting conservatives as “anti-equality”.

Broken Anglican Communion cannot deal with the brokenness of the world – GFSA Archbishop says ahead of the Lambeth Conference: Press release from GFSA/EFAC:
“Some provinces put emphasis on being autonomous and forget the necessity of being interdependent. In other words, they forget that what affects all should be decided by all”, says Archbishop Mouneer Anis, as he criticises Western societies “pushing their moral ‘norms’ onto the rest of the world.”

Is a compromise over sexual morality in the works for the Church of England? by Julian Mann, Anglican Ink

Watch: Global South Anglican leader Archbishop Justin Badi Arama’s message to the church on Lambeth 2022, Anglican Ink

Will the Archbishop of Canterbury listen to the voice of the Global South? by Susie Leafe, Christian Today:
Archbishop Justin Badi of Southern Sudan urges Global South delegates to Lambeth
“To speak with one voice, united in gospel truth,” and states that they will be seeking for the Conference to reaffirm Lambeth I.10 as the official teaching of the Anglican Communion. Will this call be heard, or ignored?

Global South Anglican leader sets four priorities for ‘orthodox delegates’ attending the Lambeth Conference.
Press Release issued by the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches outlines four objectives for those seeking to be a faithful witness in the face of revisionist teaching in the West, and calls for prayer for the conference.

African Primates Take the Gloves off in Fight with Welby over Homosexuality and other Issues, by David Virtue, VOL

LAMBETH 1998: Diary from the Last True Lambeth Conference, by Stephen Noll:  “This is the 24th anniversary of the historic 1998 Lambeth Conference, which is remembered for its Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality. I was present there, representing the American Anglican Council.”

Lambeth Press Conference: 1,000 Bishops invited to Lambeth, 650 will attend including 480 spouses. David Virtue, VOL, reports on Archbishop Justin Welby’s statement and replies to questions.

Global South leaders call for restatement of traditional teaching at Lambeth, from CEN
“…the Lambeth conference programme was “tightly designed to prevent formal discussion on marriage and sexuality or gender identity. This, despite the latter being ‘the issue’ the West is facing,and the one the ‘spirit of this age’ is using, challenging identity, marriage and relationships.”

“Call to Prayer” issued to UK evangelical Anglicans ahead of 2022 Lambeth Conference: Press Release from EFAC.
Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, and the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (GSFA/EFAC) has set up a ‘Global South Resource Group’ to support orthodox delegates.

Lambeth Conference will issue no resolutions, says Welby. Instead there will be ‘Calls’, by Ed Thornton, Church Times:
The Conference is “not there to order people about”, says Archbishop Justin Welby.

Lambeth Conference: going from ‘resolutions’ to ‘calls’, by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo:
This “risks effectively evacuating the Communion of agreed teaching and shared doctrine, diminishing the moral authority traditionally recognised as inherent in the resolutions of bishops at the Lambeth Conference, and creating a much looser form of communion among the provinces.”

On Opal Fruits, Starburst and Lambeth 2022, by Martin Davie:
Changing ‘resolutions’ to ‘calls’ is not ‘A hugely exciting development’ but merely a name change like Opal Fruits becoming Starburst. Has this been done to downplay the authority of previous resolutions eg Lambeth I:10 1998? Is it significant that issues of Western secularism and sex and gender are not up for discussion at the conference?

Who is going to Lambeth? Where is Lambeth going? by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo:
AG begins with concern about “homophobia” in African countries, but then explains why Canterbury has failed to address the genuine concerns of those proposing to boycott Lambeth; this will result in the conference being “massively unrepresentative and biased towards the Global North.”

ACNA Archbishop says ‘sinful relationships’ preclude Lambeth appearance, by David Virtue, Virtueonline
“We cannot endorse this behavior by our participation,” Foley Beach told delegates to the ACNA 2022 Provincial Assembly.

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