Leading GAFCON bishop says he was victim of spiritual abuse

Jun 27, 2019 by

from Christian Today:

A leading GAFCON bishop has revealed he went through months of counselling after being the victim of spiritual abuse.

Andy Lines, GAFCON’s missionary bishop to Europe, said “it took considerable time before the light went on” and that he has since required extensive counselling and support.

“Those with spiritual authority are like all in authority. All authority is open to abuse or manipulation,” he said in a statement issued through Anglican Mission in Europe (AMiE).

“I have been coming to terms with elements of spiritual manipulation in my own life. It has been a very hard and painful process requiring months of professional counselling for me to come to terms with what I have experienced.”

He continued: “However, I now realise the nature of what was happening. I have come to realise that this can happen to strong as well as vulnerable people. I have become aware that the particular manipulation and control I have experienced has been experienced by a number of others.”

He went on to say that “external coercion” should not be seen as a means to encourage spiritual growth and that Christian leaders who rely on such a method need to acknowledge their sinful and show repentance.

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