Leading UK research university: You’re transphobic if you think a man can’t become female

May 28, 2020 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

I fully realize that mocking the absurd sanctimonies of university students is like shooting fish in a barrel. To make fun of young people while they are in full ideological bloom and have not yet been knocked about by the real world sometimes seems cruel, especially considering the real possibility that they actually believe this stuff. That said, occasionally, these fervent and fevered wokelings make a statement that simply begs for a response. Today was one of those days.

Consider this tweet, sent out by the Student Support Services of the University of Leicester, a public research university in England. It is a helpful definition of transphobia for all those who were born into the dark and evil days of yore, when there were only men and women. Those days are gone, and now we know better. “Transphobia,” the SSSUL informs us solemnly, “is intolerance of gender diversity. It is based around the idea that there are only two sexes — male or female, which you stay in from birth.” The tweet was later deleted.

Let’s leave the grammar of this sentence filled with hostage words to the side for one moment and consider the point being made. First, there is the concept that the sex binary is an “idea,” one that all previous generations had inflicted on them by elementary biology classes, common sense, and their lying eyes. There have been no scientific discoveries in recent decades to rebut this obvious fact, and it is noticeable that nobody claims that, say, penguins also come in dozens of genders. It is just humans, because the more gullible among us can be persuaded that this is the case.

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