Leftist ‘wokeness’ is a new religion, and it’s coming to convert you

Aug 5, 2020 by

by William Kilpatrick, LifeSite:

In case you hadn’t noticed, a new fundamentalist religion has been born in the streets of America. It’s the religion of Woke — the religion of people who believe they have been given a special revelation about the nature of society. They have discovered that American society is irredeemably racist and heteronormative and, therefore, must be torn down.

They were blind but now they see. They were asleep but now they’re woke. And they think you ought to be woke too — even if it takes the violent occupation of city streets and squares to wake you up to the truth of their religion.

As I said, it’s a fundamentalist religion. The religion of the woke people is narrow, puritanical, and righteous. Those who don’t conform to its catechism — the heretics — are quickly expelled or “cancelled.” As with other fundamentalist faiths, the new religion appeals not to reason, but to emotions. The proof of one’s faith is shown by the repetition of mindless slogans and by passionate demonstrations of commitment.

Strangely — or perhaps not so strangely — the woke people do not worship a Supreme Being. They look not to God, but to the State for the answers to life’s problems.  The promised land is not in heaven, but here on earth. And it can be achieved once the woke people take the reins of government.

Sounds familiar? It should. The religion of Woke is not really a new religion. It’s simply one more iteration of an old religion — the religion of humanism. The basic assumption of this religion is that there is nothing higher than man and the institutions he has created. Despite the pleasant-sounding name, “humanistic” religions regularly end up committing human sacrifice of one kind or another. The good of the individual is sacrificed to the needs of the state. Pre-born babies are sacrificed to “quality of life.” And dissenters from the official creed are simply exterminated.

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