Lenten Meditations

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April 111

am: 131, 132, 133
pm: 140, 142

Old Testament.

Jer 26:1-16

New Testament.

Rom 11:1-12


John 10:19-31

FIFTH THURSDAY OF LENT – Saint Lambert of Lyon, Bishop , 688

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY – A Benedictine archbishop  raised in the court of the Frankish king Clotaire III. He became a monk at Fontenelles, France, under St. Wandrille and succeeded him as abbot in 666. After founding the abbey of Donzere, Lambert was named archbishop of Lyons.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: Romans 11 is devoted to presenting proof that God is not through with Israel. Five witnesses are used to prove there is a future in God’s plan for the Hebrew people. Paul is suggesting that whenever God shows mercy to one group, the other shares the blessing. Of course, In God’s original plan, the Hebrew [people would be the source of God’s blessing to the Gentiles. When the Jesus was rejected, God extended his invitation to all people . Here we learn again about God’s partiality in those he covenants with but we also learn about the breath and scope of God’s inclusivity. This inclusivity is not about rights but about grace. Let us pray that His Grace works in us in such a way that we do not think that we are better than another group of people. Let us be thankful that the Gospel has been given to us not as an elitist group but those who seek to brings God’s saving grave and favor to all. , but I must never look down on the Jews, God loves them even though they have temporarily hardened their hearts.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: “God, help me to humble myself, so that you will draw near to me and pour your grace today into my life. Cleanse and purify my heart, Lord. Give me victory over the “noisy, demanding tyrant of self.” Enable me, by your spirit, to be a thankful woman, even when the circumstances surrounding me may not change. Amen

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: “Believe that others are better than you in the depths of their soul, although outwardly you may appear better than they. – St. Augustine


Lenten Discipline – Start making a list of the times and persons you acted as superior. Get in touch with those incidents and how you may have hurt another. Strictly examine your own use superiority and seek to make amends with those who may have been injured..

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