Lenten Meditations: Monday 1 March, St David’s Day

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Second  Week of Lent


Mar 1
am: 56, 57, 58
pm: 64, 65
Jere 1:11-19 Rom 1:1-15 John 4:27-42

MONDAY OF LENT IISaint David of Wales,589  (Bishop and Monk)

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY: St. David is the only Welsh saint to be canonized in the Western Church. He has been the patron saint of Wales since the 12th century, but very little is known about his life. He died in 589 or 601 after founding a monastery in the area of Pembrokeshire which now bears his name, and living an austere life devoted to God. He is first to be found in an Irish Catalogue of Saints dating from around 730 and by 800 his feast day was determined as March 1st. What we know is that the aim of his work was to promote the independence of the Welsh church as we are told that St. David founded ten monasteries (including Glastonbury) where the regime included manual labor, study and worship.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY –Many of us spend a good part of our life wondering what God is asking of us? IN this first chapter of Jeremiah, God shares with Jeremiah that before the sun burned bright and rivers flowed,  he desired Jeremiah to be relationship with him so that he might bring hope and direction to the Hebrew people

Jeremiah not only hears the call of God and responds, he receives affirmation of it in this section of the text appointed for today.  These two visions of affirmation of the calling of Jeremiah  come about first and foremost because of the submission of Jeremiah’s will to that of Yahweh which did not take place in a vacuum. In becoming the servant of God Jeremiah now becomes  a critical instrument in God’s plan and will for the world . That sounds rather daunting but that is what the net outcome is for those of us who commit and submit to the calling of God in our lives. It is his plan, his ways his claims that direct our lives.


In a world committed to personal autonomy and self-direction this is a difficult message to receive and adopt. That being said the way of personal autonomy and self-direction does not seem to be giving life to the world which perhaps tells us all what we need to be doing.  No less was true with David of Wales in the 6th Century and the same is true today.


PRAYER OF THE DAY: God our Father, you gave the bishop David to the Welsh Church
to uphold the faith and to be an example of Christian perfection. In this changing world may he help us to hold fast to the values which bring eternal life. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen


ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE – “Be joyful and keep the faith. Do those little things you have seen and heard from me.”- St. David of Wales


Lenten Discipline –  Saint David was known for a life of simplicity and drank only water eating herbs and vegetables. Let us give to a clean water project by going to https://www.classy.org/blog/5-nonprofits-make-clean-water-global-reality/ and assist others in having the gift of simplicity and purity.

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