Lenten Meditations: Saturday 13 March

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Mar 13

am: 87, 90

pm: 136

Hosea 6:1-6 1 Cor 10:1-13 Luke 18:9-14


LENT III – St. Gerard, Bishop of Mayo , 668


LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY: St. Gerald Bishop of Mayo, was an English monk who died on this day in who came to Ireland after the Synod of Whitby and settled in Innisboffin, in 668. Gerald’s circumstances remind us of today’s church as dissensions arose, after a time, between the Irish and the English monks.

St. Colman the Abbot decided to find a separate monastery for the thirty English monks so that they may have safe practice of the faith given the difference between the Celtic and Saxon expressions of the faith.  There arose the Abbey of Mayo of which St.Bede wrote “This monastery occupied by English monks contained an exemplary body who gathered there from England and lived after the manner of the church fathers.


MEDITATION OF THE DAY:   In today’s Gospel familiar there is a lesson in that for us for in our Christian journey  that may be difficult for some. As we listen to the words of Christ, it is clear that we are asked to undertake some countercultural stances to the values of the culture. Consider simple requests but absurd by cultural standards  such as: turn the other cheek, if someone asks you for your shirt, give him your jacket, too, if you lose your life for God’s sake, you’ll gain it and the greatest among you is the servant of all.


Many people will  see this as foolish and may see us as foolish. The Lenten journey reminds us that this call to be fools for Christ is a 24/7.


ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE:  He that is proud of riches is a fool. For if he is exalted above his neighbors because he has more gold, how much inferior is he to a gold mine. –Jeremy Taylor


PRAYER OF THE DAY:  Father of   all that is right and good, in you is found no shadow of malice, but only the fullness of life and limitless truth. Open our heart to the claim you make on us as your own. Free us from self-righteousness and empower us with the grace to be your fools with a joyful heart and every confident that we belong to you we ask this through Christ who, lives and reigns with you for ever and ever. Amen


LENTEN DISCIPLINE Take a risk today for the sake of the Gospel that will cause some to call you foolish,

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