Lenten Meditations: Saturday 20 March

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Mar 20
am:  102, 108
pm: 33
Jere 23:9-15 Rom 9:1-18 John 6:60-71

FOURTH SATURDAY OF LENT – St. Cuthbert, Missionary Bishop and of Lindisfarne, 697

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY:  Today we remember Cuthbert, who at the age of eight had a prophetic remark from a playmate turn his mind to sober and godly thoughts, and his upbringing as a shepherd gave him ample time for prayer. One night he saw in the sky a dazzling light and angels carrying a soul up to heaven and resolved to dedicate his life to God. Some years later Cuthbert came to Melrose Abbey asking to be admitted as a monk. It was from here that he began his missionary work, which he continued from Lindisfarne when he became abbot there. Consecrated bishop in 685 he remained an indefatigable traveler and preacher, walking all over his diocese, and spending time as a hermit on Farne Island in between. After only a year however, he felt his end coming and resigned his office, dying on Farne in the company of a few of his monks.


The psalm 33 appointed for today has the effect of a spiritual vitamin B-12 shot. In these days of the pandemic, for many people at this point there is a lack of joy in life, we as Christians are not to succumb to that spirit and rejoice in God in all that we do, Nonetheless, for many in this pandemic it has been difficult to adjust to this see a kingdom vision. In reading Psalm 33, God is reassure believers of their purpose and calls us rise above. As the people of God, we must remind ourselves that we have received God’s covenant and his steadfast love. Our lives are being transformed, which is reason for hope.  God will grant us a hopeful future. However, during this time, we must consider if we are attentive to God’s work in our world or are, we caught up in the darkness??  He promises that he will work everything for our good and our transformation in this life– do we believe that?

PRAYER OF THE DAY:  Lord, when we look around us today, we see so much desperation due to COVID 19. You created everything and have defeated many enemies. Lord, we ask that you remember your people and make whole and holy the things that need to be made so We beseech you to refresh our Body and Spirit so we may be unencumbered to serve you, Amen.

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: “Even if I could possibly hide myself in a tiny dwelling on a rock, where the waves of the swelling ocean surrounded me on all sides, and shut me in equally from the sight and knowledge of men, not even thus should I consider myself to be free from the snares of a deceptive world: but even there I should fear lest the love of wealth should tempt me and somehow or other snatch me away”    —– Saint Cuthbert

Lenten Discipline St. Cuthbert was well known for his affinity for nature and was given to the protection and gentle especially of birds and sea creatures, which is derived from the Celtic tradition. Today take an opportunity to spend some time in nature and where possible make an act of preservation of God’s gift to us in his creation.



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