Lenten Meditations: Tuesday 16 March

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Mar 16
am 54,79
pm: 80,82
Jere 17:19-27 Heb 9:15-end John 6:16-27

TUESDAY OF LENT IV- FEAST DAY St. Aristobulus, Bishop of Britain (1st c.)

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY: Today Anglicans especially should find it interesting that on the Eastern Calendar there is commemorated today a Bishop of Great Britain.St. Aristobulus of the Seventy, first Bishop of Britain (1st c.). Tradition holds that he was born in Cyprus and was the brother of the Apostle Barnabas who aided St. Paul (and who mentions him in Romans 16:10). Aristobulus was commissioned and sent out landing in Britain where he endured terrible torments, misfortunes, and malice from the people They were without mercy, dragging him through the streets, mocking him. But in the end this holy man came to success by the power of the grace of God. He enlightened the people, baptized them in the name of Christ the Lord, and established churches.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: The Psalm appointed from the daily Lectionary of the Church of England (our lessons alternate between selections from the Lectionary in the United Kingdom and selections in North America) is Psalm 80. Here we learn again of the concept of God being Israel’s shepherd, to whom the people cry out in some distress as they ask that God to restore them to some sense of normalcy.  This Psalm resonates with most people of our world as we live past the one-year mark of COVID Invading every aspect of our daily lives. While this text was written at the time of the Assyrian conquest of the Northern Kingdom, the frustration and concern that it voices is no less than what is being voiced today in many places as many think God is yet to act on this pandemic!

Praying this Psalm in the Lenten season, amidst a pandemic echoes our longing for restoration. We year for assurance of healing and hope and the Psalm does speak a word of hope. we are reminded that God can act directly or through his chosen ones.  Who are they?  Researcher, First Responders, Prayer warrior etc.

PRAYER OF THE DAY Heavenly Father, you who makes all things new and brings beauty from our ashes: bind up our broken hearts and release us from the darkness of despair.  You promise to comfort those who grieve and mourn and so we seek the oil of joy, and a garment of praise. we put my trust in you and believe in your promises of hope. Hear our prayers this day, we pray in Christ’s name. AMEN

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: “Christ is the breathing forth of the heart, life and spirit of God into all the dead race of Adam. He is the seeker, the finder, the restorer of all that, from Cain to the end of time, was lost and dead to the life of God. He is the love that prays for all its murderers; the love that willingly suffers and dies among thieves, that thieves may have a life with him in Paradise; the love that visits publicans, harlots and sinners, and wants and seeks to forgive where most is to be forgiven.. – William Law

Lenten Discipline- Make a point of contact with a person who in your life, there needs to be a restoration of relationship. Let them know you are praying for healing and restoration and seek reconciliation where possible.

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