Lessons from Canada’s Left-drifting Conservatives

Sep 27, 2021 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, TCW:

JUSTIN Trudeau, in an all-too-common fit of narcissistic egotism that he knew better than anyone else, even his advisers, called a snap election two years ahead of time. He longed for a parliamentary majority which would give him the political muscle to pursue his extreme form of liberal politics. As in so many other instances, Trudeau’s ego outmanoeuvred his ability. Canada doesn’t love Trudeau quite as much as Trudeau loves Trudeau. After a gruelling election he ended up pretty much where he started, leader of a minority government.

[…] The warning for the UK is that the Conservative Party of Canada, at least by pattern and tradition, is akin to the UK’s Conservative Party and we see the same direction of travel on this side of the Atlantic. What we’re witnessing is that the Conservative Party in Canada has shifted so much to the left in an attempt to make itself more electable that it is becoming less and less conservative, failing to appeal to the centre whilst at the same time losing support on the right.

If those on the right could agree to work together it could be possible to eventually have a truly conservative party presenting conservative social and economic policies. This would take time and bruising political battles, but surely it is better than our present continuous leftward drift. Attempting to curry favour with voters by moving in a supposedly progressive direction failed the CPC in Canada’s recent election, it will fail the UK’s Conservative Party at our next general election.

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