Let the chattering classes sneer – Christianity still shapes our hearts and minds

Jul 3, 2018 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, TCW:

Why the steady erosion of distinctive Western culture or national identity? Universities are gradually ousting the traditional Western canon produced by those noxious ‘dead white males’. Vote-hungry politicians eager to acknowledge Eid and Diwali are yet reluctant to put anything more distinctive than ‘Happy Holidays’ on their Christmas cards. Flying the flag of St George gives rise to suspicion that you are a fascist.

The Brexit vote was anathema to the elites for a straightforward reason: the globalist project promoted by those eager to extend their authority requires porous frontiers and weak national cultures if their multinational corporations are to flourish. A borderless multicultural society is less likely to resist the free movement of people which keeps wages down and workers weak.

Resistance to the steady erosion of Western culture by the anti-national, anti-cultural, anti-traditionalist thrust of globalisation and its secular elites requires an understanding and appreciation of our own identity, culture, customs, traditions and religion, and a determined effort to recover their place in national life.

If social conservatism is anything it is a movement of redemption, motivated by a desire to recognise and recover the traditions and principles which made the West the primary source for social, political, scientific and cultural advance in the world. Social conservatives are not merely nostalgic for a lost past: we wish to maintain and see flourish that culture which is an unsurpassed foundation for human development and creativity.

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