Letter in Church Times (May 21) about Dr Bernard Randall from the Ven Norman Russell

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Dear Sir…

[…]  Over recent years, we have heard a lot in the Church about speaking truth to power, which in practice usually means offering free advice, welcome or not, to political and business leaders.   What Dr Randall has done is more profound, unmasking the unseen principalities and powers which are increasingly reshaping the default ways of thinking within our culture…  He has spoken truth about a culture which is becoming increasingly oppressive and is quick to victimise its critics; he has done so in a way which is a model of courtesy and respect…

..Readers of the Church Times may be generally aware of Critical Theory with its roots in Marxism and Freudian pseudo-science, and aware of how that has shaped the politics of race, gender and identity, but it is probably not at the forefront of the thinking of the average Christian in the pews, mystified by why what Christians have traditionally believed is changing…

..Living in Love and Faith has been meticulous in endeavouring to give a voice to those in our church who have found traditional church teaching and practice difficult or even oppressive.   It has also sought to represent biblical teaching fairly and it offers a variety of views on how the bible should be read.   What in my view needs to be added to the LLF resources is a biblical and theological analysis of Critical Theory with respect to gender and identity.

The Venerable Norman Russell, Prolocutor of the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury 2005-2010

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