LGBT activists reveal how movement gained power, changed laws

Dec 6, 2019 by

by Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite:

A manifesto detailing the strategies transgender lobbying organizations have used to rapidly gain political power and unheard of cultural influence also provides insight into how the western world suddenly finds itself kowtowing to the extreme demands of trans ideology.

The title alone is alarming: “Only Adults? Good Practices in Legal Gender Recognition for Youth.” Although the slick 64-page document deals with specific practices and tactics that have proved successful for expanding transgender policies and power in a general way, it primarily focuses on how to hand power to children to declare whatever gender they choose while squashing parental authority and concern.

Over the years, progressives who seek to fundamentally change society have diligently developed strategies that win. They don’t promote ideas that win on their own merit; in fact, they have had amazing success promoting ideas that most people would normally reject. As this newly published document demonstrates, LGBT activists rely on stealth, behind-the-scenes efforts that do an end run around public discourse and legislative processes, resulting in new laws, new regulations, and the untenable demands of the “woke” culture that are increasingly overtaking government at every level.

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