LGBT campaigner wins right to criticise LGBT

Jul 12, 2019 by

from Christian Concern:

Christian Concern Communications Officer Rebekah Moffett comments on Peter Tatchell’s defence of Felix Ngole.

Peter Tatchell, a well-known and prominent LGBT campaigner, has come out in support of student social worker Felix Ngole’s right to free speech.

Christian beliefs

Felix recently won his case against Sheffield University, after the university dismissed him from his social work course for his comments on Facebook stating that homosexuality is a sin.

In a BBC radio 4 interview on the Today Show, Felix Ngole was able to further share his faith and explain his beliefs. Despite interruptions from interviewer Justin Webb, Felix commented:

“Let me tell you what my beliefs are as a Christian. Everybody is precious and wonderful in the eyes of God and that reflects on my practice as well. I have worked with gay people, I have socialised with gay people, I have taught students who are gay and nobody has ever made a complaint against me. If you look at the judgment, it clearly states I have got views that have never, ever affected my practice. It is quite possible for someone to hold views and yet be professional.”Can anyone express anything?

However, Justin Webb was critical of this view, asking:

“Is any view acceptable? Are you generally making the case that not just your view on gay people, but anyone’s view on any group of people, it doesn’t matter provided it’s sincerely held and they say it doesn’t affect what they do in practice?”

Justin Webb criticised Felix’s interpretation of the Bible, arguing that many people who read the Bible say its statements on homosexuality are “not relevant in the modern era.” However, Felix defended his views as Biblical and the word of God.

Arguably, Webb comes at it from the wrong angle. Just because somebody holds a certain set of beliefs does not necessarily mean they would discriminate against anyone. Would Felix – or other Christians – discriminate against adulterers? Or drunkards? Drug addicts? Gamblers? The Bible does not condone this behaviour either, but it does tell Christians to love them.

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