LGBT lessons in schools: the Rev Lynda Rose on why more Christian parents need to take a stand

Oct 19, 2019 by

from Christian Today:

The teaching of LGBT relationships in schools has triggered heated protests outside schools in Birmingham, largely by members of the Muslim community. While they may not have made the national headlines, many Christian parents are just as concerned about what is being taught to their children in schools under the guise of equality and ‘British values’.

These concerns have only been heightened by the new compulsory Relationships and Sex Education curriculum being rolled out by the Government in September 2020.

The guidance coming from the Department of Education (available to read here and here) has done little to allay parents’ concerns.  Two particularly contentious points are that the parents have limited rights to withdraw their children from the lessons and have no right at all to veto the content set by the school.

The Rev Lynda Rose, founder of Voice for Justice, tells Christian Today why she wants to see Christian parents taking a bolder stand against the Government’s LGBT agenda and the teaching of values that contradict their core religious beliefs.

CT: While Muslim opposition has been very visible, it seems like there are not many Christians really speaking out about this. Do you think that’s a fair assessment?

Lynda: I think that’s absolutely right; Christians are not speaking out, which I think is incredibly short-sighted of them, because the whole thrust of the teaching is normalising and teaching LGBT values and gender fluidity to very young children when they do not have the intellectual or emotional resources to process any of this information. It’s highly confusing for them.

Really, it’s just state-sponsored abuse and it’s going to have a profound influence on children and the way they think and act in the future.

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