LGBT Pride London: police attempt to remove ‘Allah is Gay’ placards for causing offence

Jul 16, 2017 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

“Pride is full of placards saying ‘God is Gay’, ‘Jesus had two fathers’, as well as those mocking the church and priests and pope,” writes Maryam Namazie, spokeswoman for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, “Yet CEMB members hold signs saying ‘Allah is Gay’ – as we did – and the police converge to attempt to remove them for causing ‘offence’.”

And now the East London Mosque has filed an official complaint with the organisers of ‘Pride in London‘ (what happened to the ‘Gay’ prefix? Isn’t that kind of important?) alleging ‘Islamophobia’. The mosque’s spokesman Salman Farsi told the Evening Standard: “We’ve raised a complaint with the co-chairs of the event that the group was inciting hatred against Muslims, and in particular [in relation] to our good name, based on absolutely groundless reasons.”

“Our track record for challenging homophobia in East London is quite well known.” he added.

Except, according to Peter Tatchell, that isn’t quite true (or, if you prefer, it’s a lie): “East London Mosque has refused all dialogue with LGBT community,” he tweeted. “It refuses to meet LGBT Muslims. I have asked them 11 times since 2015.”

Oxfam seems to agree: they cancelled an event at the East London Mosque a few years ago after learning that a headline speaker, Ibrahim Hewitt, had declared gay people should be “severely punished” under Islamic law, which some might think sounds slightly Islamophobic.

So somebody is telling porkies.*

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