LGBT schools and abortion protest bans betray the bias of our elites

Nov 16, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Faith and Politics:

As we continue to await the High Court’s judgment — originally expected on Friday but now delayed until November 26 — on whether concerned parents may resume their protests outside their children’s school over pro-LGBT teaching, and by implication whether any parents may so protest outside schools, I have to say I’m not filled with confidence that this is going to go the way of the parents.

After all, we have already seen the courts rule that council bans on prayer vigils outside abortion clinics are justified and lawful.

In both cases the arguments have taken the same basic form: vulnerable people (children, women seeking abortions) should not be subject to harassment or impeded from doing something lawful (going to school, obtaining an abortion) by protesters.

This might seem fair enough. However, there is not any real evidence that children or women are being harassed or otherwise impeded by these vigils or demonstrations.

The schools protests, for example, have been supervised by police who have confirmed that no unlawful activity has taken place.

Likewise, there have been no arrests in connection with lawful demonstrations and vigils outside UK abortion clinics.

So what’s really going on? As far as I can see, it is because our liberal-progressive elites in government, media and the judiciary approve of these things – abortion, pro-LGBT school classes – so much that they want to ban the vigils and protests against them. After all, they would never ban protests against things they think are wrong.

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