LGBTQ+ Lobbies Milk Pandemic for Victimhood Payoff

Mar 31, 2020 by

by Jules Gomes, Church Militant:

Pro-gay organizations are being slammed for exploiting the pandemic by claiming that LGBTQ+ people are in greater danger of contracting the Wuhan virus.

Over 100 LGBTQ+ national and local charities in the United States have signed an open letter to the media and health authorities asserting that COVID-19 poses an increased risk to the LGBTQ+ population since this group is “particularly vulnerable to the negative health effects of this virus.”

But Brad Polumbo, deputy editor of the Washington Examiner, is excoriating the appeal as evidence of “several left-wing groups that fundraise off of gay and transgender rights, greedily trying to turn the coronavirus into a victimhood issue.”

“No, coronavirus is not an ‘LGBTQ+’ victimhood issue,” writes Polumbo, who identifies as a gay conservative. “The coronavirus is a virus. It does not care if you are gay.”

“Efforts to somehow make a global pandemic evidence of anti-gay and anti-transgender oppression is a case of shameless self-victimization at its worst,” Polumbo remarks.

The March 11 letter offers three reasons why the Chinese virus is likely to be an added source of oppression for homosexual and transgender people.

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